winter proofing your home

With winter now settled in, its time to see how to cut the costs and still stay warm!  I would say the easiest thing to do is stay at home at little as possible and make use of your friends and family’s heating but that doesn’t solve the problem of returning home and sleeping through the chill for the rest of the night.  These are a few tips picked up by some of us who tried them out while students, we  rented a ground floor flat that had a big problem of dampness and learnt the hard way!

Walk around each room and check all windows and doors to see where the draft comes in.  there are a few ways to help retain heat and keep the cold out without replacing glass or fixtures.

Sealed with a kiss!

DIY  shops provide a variety of different tools to help keep in the warm and keep the cold out where it belongs they include:

Covers for draft stoppers.

Covers for draft stoppers. (Photo credit: Created by Cath.)

  •  Fit draft proofing
  • letterbox covers,
  • window and door tapes and seals
  • door curtains

tights (Photo credit: How can I recycle this)

Tights have various other uses apart from warming your legs!!! if you don’t have the spare cash to invest in a draft stopper, stuff an old pair with old material or newspaper.


Detail of the curtains shows how the stripes a...

Detail of the curtains shows how the stripes are cleverly aligned on the tabs for a polished result. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thick curtains

Investing in a pair of thick curtains instantly retains the heat in a room,  they are a bit expensive but you save in the long run with a lower bill.

We rented a flat that had old wooden doors with gaps    at the entrance and in the sitting room , no matter what we did there was always some hole we missed, one of us had the idea to buy a cheap clear pair of shower curtains and hang them up like door curtains at night when we got home , they worked!

Close any doors of rooms not in use including the toilet!  some bathrooms and toilets have extractor fans that constantly let the breeze in.



Carpet (Photo credit: Michael Kappel)

Put a carpet,   or,  if you don’t like these as they are hard to clean.  A simple rug that can be rolled up in the summer will help retain heat.

English: A laughing baby under winter clothes ...

English: A laughing baby under winter clothes Русский: Улыбающийся ребёнок в зимней одежде (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Suitable bedding

Winter sheets are a practical step as they will keep you warm throughout the night, additions are a hot water bottle or an electric blanket to warm the bed up before you jump in, there are some with timers so you don’t need to worry about remembering to switched them off when you are warm enough.  Portable oil filled  heaters will add a bit to your energy bill but are a short-term plan to heat up a room quickly if you don’t like leaving your radiators on for hours.  You could even invest in some timers to ensure your heater is on before you get up they usually come in two’s so if you really organised you could attach your kettle to one to save time when preparing your morning cuppa!




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