Tight Squeeze!

With winter setting it, it’s time for some to buy new shoes but if you like me that forgets that you need to remember to  squeeze in thick socks as well, it can be a bit uncomfortable when you wear them for a bit.  I went around asking different people what methods they use and these are the most common ones.  If you have any feel free to add them and let me know if they work or not.

Method one

Send them back!!  Which seems the simplest option, but if you really can’t let them go especially if you got them at a bargain,  read on…..

Newspapers B&W (5)

Newspapers B&W (5) (Photo credit: NS Newsflash)

method 2

Wet Newspaper wet some newspaper and roll into a ball stuff them into your shoes and leave to dry.  As the newspaper dries it will expand causing the shoe to stretch, this has to be done a few times.  One disadvantage to think of is that if you put too much, you might end up with unusually shaped shoes!

DIY Diffuser:  test shots

method 3

The Shoe stretcher. this is great if you don’t have the heart to put your feet through the pain!  add the solution or try out the method and insert the shoe stretcher to help the process.

1 and a half russet potato with sprouts. Slice...

1 and a half russet potato with sprouts. Sliced (left) and whole (right). About 4 1/2 inches (11.5 cm) in length. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

method 4

Fruit and Veg: Peeled Potatoes and banana skins are used by some, as they soften the material and stretch it, I must admit the banana does not sound too inviting as the smell might be a permanent part of your shoes after!!

Yes a potato, I must admit this one I have not tried and if anyone has please let me know if it works.

English: Ice cubes

English: Ice cubes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

method 5

Water: Apparently some fill plastic bags with water, place these in their shoes and then put them in the freezer over night, how hygienic! I am guessing this is only used on new shoes.  As the water freezes they stretch the shoes.


Alcohol! (Photo credit: Lynda Giddens)

method 6

Alcohol: Rub some on the pain giving areas and then put on your boots or shoes.  The advantage of this is alcohol dries quicker than water and won’t damage them.


English: Toshiba bland hairdryer 日本語: 東芝製のヘアドライヤー

English: Toshiba bland hairdryer 日本語: 東芝製のヘアドライヤー (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

method 7

A hot hair dryer: Put on a thick pair of socks or find a friend or boyfriend with bigger sized feet and slip on those tight beauties.  I did this, and let me tell you the first few moments are the most painful!!!!

Get your hair dryer and switch it on the highest setting and  let the hot air blow on the areas that are most comfortable.  You will probably be saying “never again” by this stage and making  a promise to make a better choice next time.  The leather should stretch after while. Switch the dryer off and wait till the shoe cools before taking them off. You might need to do this a few times, if the leather looks cracked or “dry” add some shoes conditioner.


The end result should be pain-free shoes.   I am still in the process and will let you know which one works for me, have a go and let me know!


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