bed time stories

lets be honest, most of us would spend the whole day in bed if we had the opportunity!  It is the place we gain strength to fight the next day and one of the places we like to make as comfortable as possible.  But how do you look after your little piece of “heaven”.  I am guessing the furthest some of us gets is changing the sheets once in a while but if you want your bed and mattress to last as long as possible we have a few tips we use at Lakefield to help look after them.

Upside down!

English: Mattress pocket springs

Once a month rotate your mattress from head to toe and turn it over.  This helps your mattress last longer and prevents it” sinking” or causing the springs to collapse!

mattress and boxspring

mattress and boxspring (Photo credit: Austin & Zak)

Spring Clean!

Regularly!  before putting your bedding on. vacuum your mattress with the upholstery brush.  This helps get rid of dust mites that feed on not only dust but also your dead skin that has flaked on your bed!!  Also, this makes sure your bed is bed bug free.  If you have allergies, this helps a lot as your mattress can accumulate a lot of dust.

Stain Prevent

Protect your mattress with mattress cover which come in plastic and material forms.  This help little spillages and leakages stain your mattress. there are also pillow cases protectors available.

Just a few simple tasks once in awhile, will save you buying a new mattress, keep your current one in shape and ensure you sleep is as peaceful as possible!

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