Restaurants fears: the first sip!

Dreading the moment the waiter approaches the table and asks me to taste the wine

I have heard the tale of many a friend who go to a restaurant with family, friends or for business and dread the task of choosing the wine because they fear the moment when the waiter comes and asks them to taste the wine.  I don’t blame them especially if the person on the other table professionally swirls their glass with the flick of the wrist, takes a deep breath of the wine and theatrically takes a sip ending with a grave and knowing nod to the waiter.

Have no fear; let me put your mind at ease.  Your waiter or waitress is not trying to embarrass you by asking you to try the wine.  It is their polite way of saying here is your chance to make sure it has not gone off and that it is the wine you chose.  You don’t need to swirl it, or smell it if you are not comfortable, but do take a small sip to make sure what you are buying is of good quality.


Waiter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What things to look out for

Firstly if you chose white wine, make sure it is not and not red!

Does it smell of eggs, vinegar or iron?  If no perfect enjoy your meal!

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