fruit picking

182_2631  fruit

182_2631 fruit (Photo credit: Kate’s Photo Diary)

With the luxury of being able to buy exotic fruit throughout the year in England it can be a bit difficult to know how to choose the best fruit in the supermarket.  They usually look so tempting and delicious and then you bite and they have no taste, the reason being as they are picked before they are ready and ripen en-route to this country they don’t have time to ripen naturally thus the tasteless you sometimes experience.  Here are some tips on how to choose fruit at its best:

  • Buy fruit in season.  Easy answer right and when exactly is fruit in season check out this chart to help you.

microsoft clipart

  • Don’t just pick the first box or bunch of fruit look at it, touch it and without breaking any food hygiene laws try to smell it! This helps sort the unripe from the delicious!
  • Check the colour and if there is mould.  Usually if you buy from corner stalls the fruit is ready to eat, and sometimes mouldy.  Take your time, don’t be rushed.  Don’t forget to look for bruises or marks caused by rough handling.
  • If possible feel the fruit, of course if it is in prepared box wrapped in plastic this is not possible but if you are choosing individual fruits the trick is fruits such as apples or pears (firm fruits) should feel firm.  Peaches, apricots (soft fruit) should feel somewhat soft.  Keep in mind careful feeling!

here is a short list of this month’s fruit and veg in season

apples                                    beetroot                                     aubergine                             cabbage

apricots                               blueberries                                carrots                                  cauliflower

celery                                   cherries                                      damsons                               cucumber

courgettes                          mango                                          plum                                     papaya

nectarine                            tomatoes                                    sweetcorn                           spinach

raspberries                        pepper                                       radish                                     watercress

Happy shopping

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