Delicate finishing touches

The finishing touches seem to be the hardest to think of when organising a dinner party or simply trying to make the home feel warmer.  You might think you need a florist qualification  to create master pieces but here is a quick and simple flower arrangement for your dining room table or to decorate some other part of your house such as your entrance, visitor’s bedroom or the bathroom.

Collect some small vases or candle holders on your next trip to the supermarket or DIY store.  They make unusual containers for decorations.

You don’t need expensive flowers to make something special, we have used carnations for our table arrangements.  Buy some twine, wool, string.  try using two colors we have used pink and white which go really well with he turquoise vases.


Cut the carnations and poesy with your choice of  tape and place in the vase, because you tie the bunch of flowers before.  cluster one in the middle and the other surrounding it, if that makes sense!!


Place in your vase!

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