Stress free suitcase packing


Suitcase (Photo credit: Perosha)

With summer in full swing I am sure a lot of you are either planning last minute holidays or about to start your summer adventure.  One of the most frustrating thing for many people is the task of fitting everything including the kitchen sink into your suitcase without having to pay extra on your budget trip.  We found some exciting ways of packing suitcases which I hope will help you with your challenge!

A few tips include firstly making a list of what you will need and eliminating all extras that you wouldn’t use usually.  The usual problem (if you are like me) is that when you  know you are going on  holiday, the shopping spree includes toiletries you normally wouldn’t buy! I found a sample check list to help you.

An investment are the empty travel toiletry sets if you are going away for a short time.  This way you use what you have at home without having to spend more money on items you won’t need when you get back from your holiday.

plan your outfits in advance, and add one extra outfit if necessary as back up.  One tip from an aunt is pack some underwear, a t-shirt and a toothbrush in your hand luggage……………….just incase your luggage goes missing, this way you have something to wear when you get to where you are going!
There are a lot of different ways of packing which include rolling your clothes which has avoid creases or my favourite which is sort of like parcel packing  which really does save space!

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