Leftovers Monday: pepper, tomato, lettuce and chicken


July's Tomato Haul

Hi, its time for another idea on using up what is in your fridge. Today I had a  pepper, some not very firm tomatoes, some lettuce, an onion and half a chicken.
So I went to my store and took out some tortilla wraps. I cut and fried the onion and peppers in strips and added the tomatoes, some seasoning and the shredded the chicken. I Spread some sun-dried tomato paste n the wraps and then my stir fry. These were ready to heat through when I wanted them.I refreshed the lettuce in ice water for later and I served this with some grated carrots.
I boiled the chicken bone in some water to which I added a bit of onion, a chunk of carrot, a garlic clove a tomato, a bay leaf and let it boil for 1 hour. I strained it and let it cool and removed the fat. This makes a delicious soup, just add a chicken stock cube, a little dry wine if you have it . It can be had just like this or with some added vegetables. Just perfect for these wet days.
Tip: To remove fat from anything either: let it cool in the fridge and when it is set scoop it off. Or use the crusts of bread to soak it up or several reams of kitchen towel.
more next time

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