The Important Person Part One

I would like to think that once, in the past or up until now or perhaps even in the future we have felt, feel or will feel hunger.  We have been cold and we needed and still need consolation, that is, let’s go deeper we were all children once.  There were those who loved us, who have cared for us, and thanks to them their care has made use what we are today and we still care what we are even if we  lacked this attention, this warmth, this love.  In both cases we will know how to give what we have received or to acquire it in case  we have not received it at all.  There is a need for one to be attended to, to be understood to be listened to and I think we can all include ourselves in this.

What is behind service?

What is it that moves it?

What gives rise to it?

What provokes it?

Also what happens to those who do not have the capacity to serve?  To those who seek not to serve or even reject service altogether?  What is lacking in them?  Why are they not capable of seeing the necessities of the others.  Perhaps these question have no answers perhaps they do.  The people who serve are those who are capable to touch the essence of the human person in all its depth and fullness.  They are the ones capable of perceiving perhaps without the need of too much reflection the dignity of the human being independent of who he or she is and what he or she believes in.

Let us ask ourselves if to make a patient laugh is in the very least making him forget his suffering, his pain and his loneliness, even just for a while.  Try to think if dealing with a disabled person or elderly person with respect and love that we are capable of giving is not recognising his dignity then what we have, that when we serve we recognise that any person healthy or sick, grateful or not in need or privileged, deserves our attention or compassion, our deduction they deserve or service.  Our dedication to them is always the same generous with just one objective in mind, to give to the other what we want the others to give to us that is giving the best of ourselves

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