Leftover Mondays!

I love cooking and always have done but I didn’t always like Monday’s because that was the day after the weekend when I had lots of leftovers in the fridge, a little bit of  chicken, some vegetables, assorted potatoes some roast beef perhaps and also some puddings, apple crumble, or apple pie. And of course there wasn’t enough of any one thing to feed everyone with so I had to rack my brains. Last year I had  a young girl working with me for 3 months. She knew some cooking. One day I noticed she came to the kitchen with a notebook and was writing down all the leftovers I took from the fridge and what I did with them. She said” this is more interesting than learning a new recipe because I am learning how to use leftovers but present them in a different way. This changed my attitude to Mondays and I thought maybe I could share my knowledge with others especially in this time if crisis. Anyone interested?
Well there are always things I have in my store as backups. Taco shells, Wraps, and you can also buy tomato and spinach ones which are even more exciting. I also like to have Greek Natural Yoghurt. I usually buy in Asda as its cheaper and can be used alone or as a base for many things plus it is healthy. Bye for now. More next week.

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