Five A Day


Fruit Platter

Fruit Platter (Photo credit: Kenski1970)

Ever get tired of re-inventing the same dish, trying to make it more exciting even though it has the same ingredients?  For me, fruit is always a mission, and takes a lot of energy trying to make a fruit basket………. well look like a fruit basket!!!  Trying to get your family to have their five a day can sometimes be a headache if it always looks the same

I have a friend who is the master of fruit, she has a gift of making each dish look like a picture and I thought I would share some of her ideas to help you with your menus.

I think the easiest option is always the traditional fruit bowl.  An idea is to vary your containers to make them more attractive and change your fruit on display, with larger amounts of your basic cheaper varieties such as apples or oranges and some pieces of fruit that is in season

tutti fruitiWhy not try to peel or cut your fruit if it is for dinner to give it a wow effect!  by cutting the fruit into different shapes and sizes you create a rainbow of mouth-watering treats and you make your fruit go that bit further as most people will share!



Another idea, could be to use skewers or different sizes bowls on the plate to present your fruit.  you could add the leaves from fruit as decoration too! Try putting your fruit on skewers or if you have a pineapple scoop out the fruit, and use the “shell” as a bowl to put your fruit salad in! why not add some bowls of yogurt which is a healthy addition.

There are countless ways of presenting fruit with a little imagination, I am sure there are lots of objects you could use to make your dishes extra special. My favorite is the picture below with the ice-cream or sorbet perfect for summer